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Healthy work environment

My name is Corydon Merritt. I worked for The Villa (part-time) for eight months in 2010/11. After 5 countries, and several different language schools, I can confidently say that they are one of the best. They gave me an assortment of classes; YL to Marketing to Cambridge Exam Preparation. I had never taught some of them before, but they provided support and materials for every class. They encourage professional development, collaboration, and foster a healthy work environment for all staff.

In the world of ESL, time management can be tricky, but I appreciated that Dagmar was always conscious of, and respectful of my time when scheduling classes. The Villa is a great place to work in Prague. You will develop skills as an educator, collaborate with other teachers, and be a part of a family oriented team. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked for such a great company.

- Corydon, USA

Unforgettable experience

I have worked for The Villa for over a year and it was an unforgettable experience, both professionally and personally. The Villa offers not only a great opportunity for a highly professional development, a variety of courses, it also encourages organizational flexibility, motivates and supports its employees to such an extent that I have only praise for the owner who runs it impeccably.

I can recommend The Villa for both clients and teachers, for I know that the professionalism will be ensured. For the prospective teachers-coaches, who I am sure will find what they are looking for: great tailored schedules, classes, workshops and always new challenges. 

Should my destiny bring me back to Prague, I would definitely re-launch my collaboration with The Villa with great pleasure.

- Jana Žilová, SK

Loved working with you guys!

I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work at The Villa. I've loved working for you. You and Lucie are so kind, helpful, and efficient. I'm sad to leave! But I'll keep in touch, and who knows maybe I'll be back in Prague one day!

- Leah Dale, USA

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

I only worked at the Villa for a short period of time owing to work and life changes I was going through at the time, but even so, it was a wonderful experience I will never forget. I think first of all thanks to the working environment that Dagmar and Lucie were able to create – a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, an endeavour to always make the teachers feel like they make a difference, and at the same time great attention to efficiency and offering the best services possible to the school’s clients.

The enthusiastic and client-focused attitude I’ve seen with all the teachers I met is a key element in why people choose to learn languages at the Villa.

- Dora Tichá, CZ

Teaching 2005/2006

Hi, my name is Meredith Graham. I worked for Ace Coach (now The Villa) for a year in 2005-06 during my first teaching abroad experience. It was such a great year for me that I have since taught in Seoul, South Korea and will be headed to Santiago, Chile soon. When I first came to Prague, I got a job with a very large language school. It was okay, but it was difficult to meet people, get a full teaching schedule, and coordinate with the administration.

I interviewed with AceCoach, was offered a position, and immediately felt so much more comfortable than with the big school. I enjoyed all aspects of working with AceCoach, including but not limited to, the organization, full schedules, flexibility, great support, and helpful bosses and coworkers.

I had a lot of friends that were also teaching English in Prague that were constantly complaining about their jobs, and I could never really relate. A lot of them were teaching at 3 or 4 schools and hardly ever had full schedules. I was paid more than most of them, was the only teacher I ever met that had transportation paid by the school, and was generally MUCH happier with my work situation. AceCoach has extensive resources that are varied and useful. If there was ever a time that I didn’t have what I needed Dasa and Vince were ready and willing to find something for me or offer a helpful alternative.

The students were, for the most part, pretty great. There are difficult students anywhere, but whenever I had difficult situations, Dasa and Vince gave helpful advice, contacted the student, or changed the teacher if need be. I got to teach a lot of different types of people, and because they were so diverse, I was able to learn so much about Czech people and culture.

It absolutely made my first experience working abroad and gave me encouragement to try it again.

The best part of working for AceCoach was the family feel of the entire staff. The school is very professional, but I always felt like I could come to them with any issues or problems whether or not they related to my job. Dasa and Vince are great people to work for. I would have stayed longer but because of my awesome first experience I wanted to go somewhere else and try a different place.

I will always remember my time in Prauge with AceCoach as an amazing time in my life.

- Meredith Graham, USA

My work experience

My name is Nathan Spargo, I worked for Acecoach (now The Villa) during 2005 and it was an extremely rewarding experience, the students were generally very friendly and keen to learn, and the company provided an extremely flexible working environment that was open to new ideas and methods. We were given access to a large range of teaching resources and provided with introductions for each student regarding their level and teaching methods they responded best to.

Acecoach were always willing to provide suggestions where needed for improving teaching techniques and to review the teaching of students that required fresh approaches.

Acecoach also provided us with support settling into the Czech Republic, supplying us with "local knowledge", helping us with official documentation, and teaching us Czech. Emm and I became good friends with many of our students and with the Acecoach staff over the course of the year, and it became very difficult to leave!

Ultimately we had to leave back to Australia, but part of us is always longing to jump on the next plane back to Prague.

- Nathan Spargo, AUS

Great place to work!

Hi, my name is Emmaline. I worked for Ace Coach - now The Villa, for almost a year in 2005 as part of a working holiday around Europe. Teaching English with Ace Coach was a great job, with lots of interaction with a wide variety of students who for the most part were eager to learn and improve. Teaching very beginners to make their first sentence was as enjoyable as finding new ways to challenge advanced speakers who tested my knowledge of the English language every lesson. Over time the relationships built up with students was surprising, making teaching a great job for those interested in learning about a country and its people first hand.

Ace Coach provided excellent support with resources, lessons ideas, access to equipment and dealing with any difficulties including the visa process. As well as experienced helping hands they understood my role as a new teacher and allowed time for me to get to know my students and methods.

While the pay scale in Czech Republic may not match that of other countries, the working environment at Ace Coach was one of the best I've experienced in any industry. Not only were Dagmar and Vincent very professional, we became good friends and continue to keep in touch years after our time together.

If not for our limited time overseas we would have stayed on, as the more we got to know our students and life in Prague the more we found teaching with Ace Coach to be a rewarding and interesting job.

- Emmaline Stigwood, AUS

Great working environment 

I have been working for the Villa for 5 years. Not only have I always had a good experience unlike in other jobs, but the friendly atmosphere and willingness to accommodate is absolutely a great combination for me and a reason why I will continue to work with the Villa as a self-employed person. Plus, even as a new mum, I have a base to come back to for work and the door is always open, which as a self-employed person I appreciate immensely. Thank you for the great experience of working with you to run a language school, thank you for the opportunity to learn languages and have countless handouts and materials at my disposal, and thank you for your professional treatment and adherence to contracts and agreements. I highly recommend The Villa.

- Míša S., CZ

High quality 

 I am very satisfied with Villa as a teacher. Great communication, flexibility, respect and understanding. I can only recommend this place to all students - this language school prides itself with an individual approach and high-quality service.

- Anna K., CZ 

Individual approach always 

As one of the teachers, I can only recommend this school. :-) I have taught in several places but here I am the most satisfied without doubt. Most of all, I would like to highlight the truly individual approach to clients based on their needs and level of English.

- Rebeka K., CZ

The best possible condition 

When I applied for the job as a teacher at the Villa, I assumed that I would still have better conditions as a private tutor. However, compared to other language schools, I have found a pleasant environment where I am very well compensated financially and the school also cares about fair conditions that are clearly formulated for both teachers and students. Thank you for that. :-)
- Julie G., CZ

Endless possibilities 

I have been working with The Villa for over 10 years. The owner is an amazing woman who cares about her clients and the teachers she works with. There is a wide variety of teaching options, the school helps with materials and the administration is clear and timely.

- Tasci G., USA